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The need is a Great strategist 'Chanakya'; at every intersection 'Chandragupta'.

Slogans of echoes at intersections, skipping from the police water cannon, barricades tug of the pusher, nowadays these snaps running on your television screen are common. Between photos emerging on news channels every tow-three days the words of elderly is 'what the youth of today'. "What has happened to", is a big question! Replies are even greater. Trying to find an answer leads to the centre point emerging from the movements. Youth have always been positive. The society has evidently been positive and the backbone of the nation. The energy however is lost. A right track will change the picture. The dimension will change for sure. Youth Reform means to change the country. Countries do not run the government. We run, you run, Youth means Youth Energy runs it. Youth is leader, is authority, is officer, is strength; however, loss of opportunity makes them useless. It is a system failure. Youth need training, training to channelize their capabilities, making them a force in the right direction. The need is a Great strategist 'Chanakya'; at every intersection 'Chandragupta'.

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