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How to be Ethical Politician?

Being unethical to be an effective politician is the norm in India. Politicians are amongst some of the most corrupts in the world. But who is responsible for this ‘Dirty Politics’? We, the people, are responsible. Majority of voters cast votes on the grounds of caste, creed, greed, personal relations etc. We support the influential and rich to become leaders; instead, people should vote to those who desire to serve their motherland. These nation lovers may not have enough money to counter the rich and influential. But people are also responsible to see who is good for them. Lack in the finance must never be the criteria. Although the trend is changing now, miles still to cover to make its politics ethical. 

Ethical Politics: About

Voters can make politics ethical by casting their valuable votes based on the past work of the candidate. Supporting honest and hardworking candidates in politics will lead to change in the deplorable scenarios created by the politicians for years for the overall betterment of the society. Voters have the power to make political parties realise that they elect them to represent their challenges and to resolve them. The majority of politicians in India make tall promises before the elections however fail to keep them in their complete term. Voters must elect those people as politicians who foster ethical practices in politics and lead by example. The dream of making politics will continue to remain a work in progress until voters, and politicians work together to fix it.

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