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The Coach

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

-  John F. Kennedy

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Adversity teaches you the most valuable lessons of life that top schools or university campuses can't. The life of Amaresh Rai exemplifies that. At the age of 10, he used to walk around 6 kilometres to attend his classes. Amaresh used to live in an underdeveloped D-grade area in Kolkata. His parents had a tough time arranging for even basic amenities at home such as drinking water.  Amaresh had to stand in long queues every day so that he can get sufficient drinking water. The area Amaresh lived in had people from diverse backgrounds that taught him the significance of embarrassing diversity. Spending almost one-third of his life in a non-fancy area made the Allahabad University Scholar compassionate towards the problems faced by the people today. It also filled his heart with anger that politicians make captivating promises before elections but fails to fulfil them later.

Amaresh strongly believes in Mahatma Gandhi's famous quote - "Be the change you want to see in the society" and taking learnings from there he took an initiative to bring the change in politics. His mission and vision of bringing change in the society also made him more devoted to his work and taught him the significance of patience and waiting for the right time in life.

The Coach: About

Working in various cross-cultural industries for decades under the guidance of well-known educationist, politicians, social activists has made Amaresh believes in the fact that politics can well change the society if we train and support the people who have high ethics and strong desires to bring change in becoming politicians.
Amaresh has confidence that education is a powerful tool to bring change in the society. He himself has been trained by many international coaches. He is now on a mission of training 25000 youngsters to groom and develop ethical politicians.

"How to win election - is easy; provided right skill, right knowledge & right attitude are in one right direction," says the coach.

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