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Why the Politics?

Man is, by nature, a political animal.    -    Aristotle 

It is a common adage that politics lacks in "honest people" and it is a hard nut to crack for common people to mark their presence in politics as they lack in terms of knowledge, skills, links with politicians, money, influence etc. However, the truth is common youth are more successful in bringing change into politics as they are more aware of the grassroot problems because they have been the victims of the same. The common people have to go through a series of miseries every day. They face challenges in getting their ration card and obtaining ration from the shop. They study in government schools where for most of the days in the month teachers remain absent. When they go to the police to report the injustice happened to them, police personal most of the time do not register their case. Public hospitals refuse to admit them.

The question is - who understands the problems of this country better than common people?

When asked about ethics in politics, a vast majority of youth will have a united opinion that politicians are miles away from being called ethical. People have lost hope in politicians and they believe almost everything is more or less a mixture of selfish desires stirred in a solution of unethical stuff. The harsh reality of politics is whenever the common masses desire to enjoy the ethical stuff, they are always served with all those bitter and unethical concoctions that make them lose hope in politics.


You may again ask - why youth and common masses are so hopeless about the change in the political system!


In the last two decades, a new culture of “political adeptness” has emerged wherein all unethical practices such as corruption, lobbying, offering election tickets to criminals, forming an alliance with opposition parties, etc. have gained the ground and become an integral part to survive in politics.

Allow me to clarify that becoming a professional politician is way forward the society looks at.

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